23 Mar

A Time Travel window to Clerkenwell

23. March 2012 by Jason Turner

St Bart's

St John's

In March / April’s issue of the Clerkenwell Post there’s an article displaying some old pictures of places around our office at Cowcross street, Clerkenwell. We decided to take a walk, seize this sunny Friday morning and open a time travel window to the 1900’s. Here’re two pics of St. Bartholomew the Great and II St. John’s Square in 1907.

The old photos are taken from a book called Panoramas of Lost London, the post are giving away a copy, if we win it we’ll be making A LOT more images!

Want to see the images a bit bigger?

See St. Bartholomew The Great larger See St. John’s Square larger

Cheers, Nacho & Jason

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