30 Sep

Etienne Gros

30. September 2011 by Jason Turner

eg1 I had never seen the work of Etienne Gros but now I cant get enough of it. He’s a French man and I cant understand anything on this site (really should learn french) but he has some brilliant stuff to look at. Most of his work consists of portraying nude ladies which is always a good start, however his means of doing this are not so standard.

eg2 Many of his paintings are ghostly and I’m not sure are actually paintings at all (see black and white image) and the closest to tradition paintings are extremely ‘gritty’ with nice big blocks of colour.

eg3 However, what really caught my eye where these foam sculptures titled ‘les mousses’. I love that these are almost ‘hacked’ pieces of foam. I really would like to see how these are held together although I’m pretty sure it will be a very simple wire or clip in the right place. Its amazing me how by simply clipping in certain areas of this foam can display something as complex as the human body in such an organic way.



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