21 Oct

Flashing On The Beach

21. October 2010 by Greg Danford

Not only Flashing, but singing and dancing too.

For some reason we agreed to open this year’s Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton - singing and dancing in front of 1000 people in the Dome Theatre.

In the week when Apple announced that they were going to stop treating the Flash community like 3rd Class citizens, and start giving us the 2nd Class treatment that we deserve - our homage to Steve Jobs fell beautifully into place…

A Backstreet Boys parody seemed like a good idea. In fact, lots of things SEEMED like a good idea but, you know what?, it all worked out brilliantly and we loved every minute of it. And, thanks to John Davey @ FOTB, we might just have next year’s X Factor. Just you wait ;)

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