21 Oct

I went to Mars on holiday

21. October 2011 by Jason Turner

m1 For the second year running I went to Lanzarote on holiday. This time I took my 5D mark II and a rental car out because looks like Mars. Lanzarote was born out of volcanic eruptions about 35 million years ago, emerging after the breakup of the African and the American continental plates. The greatest recorded of eruptions occurred between 1730 and 1736. The land scape is scattered with volcanic rock and is like nowhere else I have ever been.

The sense you get when walking away from the road is strange. To be honest its scary and feels pretty dangerous. Unless its a town or comercial area (they seam to make wine in parts of the country) there are no paths. In some places not even flat ground, just sharp vocalic rock.

m2 I can’t really describe the strange feeling I had when walking away from the road taking some of these photos. The closest sensation I felt was when I was swimming in the sea, when you know you’ve got a certain distance from the coast and you shouldn’t go any further. When there are no cars on the road its deadly silent, in some places only the noise of large clumps volcanic rock scraping against each other under your feet. Its feels like Mars, you feel very alone.

Hopefully the photos give you an idea of what its like. I would highly recommend going and getting a nice little villa separated from a holiday complex. Also a hire car and just drive, head in any direction and you will find something amazing.

I’m sure I will go back again. Hopefully someone can find a client to pay for a shoot out there.










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