18 Oct

Out of The Shadows

18. October 2010 by Jason Turner

Last week i had my camera out the window again. Not in a pervy way but checking out shadows (oooh how exciting).

I live on Camden Road and have an amazing view from opposite the station. There is a large empty space of flat ground on the corner near me and the sun comes across this area in the morning, creating really harsh shadows as people go to work.

I’ve been capturing some of these and exaggerating it with a bit of retouching. Camden road Rail Bridge casts a shadow running from top to bottom of the composition.


I feel it kind of grounds people in the image (just in case you were wondering what the more vertical line is - then again you probably weren’t).


The actual images are a lot bigger but here’s a small crop. I will be continuing this exploration in the next few weeks, as the sun seems really low in the sky at the mo and comes straight down my road.

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