12 Dec

Signs, Gentlemen, please.

12. December 2011 by Greg Danford

    signs1 Earlier this year I started to formalise a photographic collection that I’ve been interested in for a while. It’s basically a collection of signage depicting humans, although there are a few that have forced their way through the net for inclusion due to their beautiful form… Beautiful in my eyes, anyway. The main thing that interests me with these kinds of signs is the fact that, in the main, we regard them purely for their function rather than their form. Although something outstandingly different will doubtless get our attention for its artistic adventure, we pretty much accept bog-standard executions for these often important pieces of design. And I’m guessing it’s no coincidence that this is what you’d expect to find on a standard-bog door.

    signs2 Sometimes the detail can be extremely curious, bewildering or unintentionally amusing. If I were designing or commissioning signage that, in some instances, may remain in place for decades and be viewed by millions, I’d put it through a little more rigorous development.

    signs3 I’ve so far photographed in excess of 60 signs that have got my attention across Europe and the collection is building, slowly but surely. A few of my favourites are pictured here, there’s also a slideshow. The full set is on Flickr; when I get to 100 pieces, I plan to produce a printed piece for the office. Check back next year.


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