15 Dec

The Sky in Bloom - title sequence concept

15. December 2010 by Greg Danford

Hydra Films asked us to us to work on a title sequence for their first film. Hang on, it might have been us who asked Hydra Films if we could work on it for them. Either way, a nice opportunity to have a small hand in what’s shaping up to be a really elegant thriller…

1 We’re at a ‘proof of concept’ stage at the moment with our work inspired by film’s underlying theme of the carpet trade (which becomes somewhat overpowered by the human trafficking). I thought that a full-on, beautifully produced, cinematic experience punctuated by an animated 2D title sequence originating from Flash might fit quite nicely, as the picture itself certainly isn’t the kind of production that would sit well beside overly indulgent 3D titles.

I looked at different types of carpet-making from around the world and found video reference of many and varied processes. This then became a loose basis for the way that text could build and transition (minus an old woman with a mallet).

2 We’ll see whether this is a route that sits well with the film and whether it’s one that we’ll collectively progress, but it’s been fun so far - so watch this space. Find out more about Hydra and The Sky in Bloom here wearehydra.com and check back for info on when and where this masterpiece can be enjoyed at a theatre near you!

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