01 Aug

Visualisation of Olympics game entries

01. August 2011 by Max Novakovic

This visualisation shows entries to a nationwide competition which took place over about 5 weeks. The competition consisted of 1,000 stores handing out scratch-cards to customers offering them a chance to play a web based game to win a pair of tickets to the olympics. Please ensure you watch the video in HD (720p)!

The game was widely cross-platform and allowed the game to be played on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. In the visualisation circles represent an entry. The diameter of the circle is based on the score the user achieved (a bigger circle is a better score) and the location of the circle represents where the player was located in the country.

The visualisation was created using Processing. Some numbers:

There were 25,372 entries

Spread out over 38 days

Which is 676 entries a day

Or about 1 entry every 2 minutes

Time in the video is sped up 36,480 times

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