Argentinian lawyer requests copy of “Polo” Carvajal’s statement before Spanish judge



According to the former soldier, they sent bags of money for Nastor Kirschner’s campaign.

Lawyer Carlos Stornelli on Thursday asked federal judge Julian Ergolini to send an appeal to Spain for a copy of the report by Hugo Chavez’s former intelligence chief Hugo Carvajal.

In a letter acknowledging Clarence, Stornelli said: “The circumstances arising from the press releases may be appropriate for the purposes of this process as they were correctly stated by the alleged contributor during the contribution, Claudio Uberti. “

This is the case of “Cuadernos de las Bribes”, a former Venezuelan special envoy to Claudio Uberti who agreed to send $ 25 million to Nestor Kirschner.

“Pollo” Carvajal assured the Spanish justice that “this is an unknown flight (to Antonini Enersa) number 21, 20 previous deliveries of $ 1 million each and they allowed the Argentinian airport authorities to pass without any difficulty ”. According to a document published exclusively by Espana.

“For this case, there have been trials, trials and trials in Venezuela and Argentina,” Carvajal added. He was referring to the case of Anthony Wilson’s $ 800,000 suitcase.

However, Antonini Wilson himself told US justice that his suitcase was “for Christina Kirschner’s 2007 election campaign”, although she did not refuse to send other payments.

Forensic sources have always suspected that other members of the Enarza Antarctic flight were carrying more suitcases with black money.

With this report and other evidence from Carvajal, lawyer Stornelli will seek to determine the reason for the addition of new evidence.

What did he say

Meanwhile, Civic Coalition – ARI lawmakers Juan Manuel Lopez and Manica Fred are preparing a letter from Venezuela to present to Ergolini and other judges on black money cases.

A copy of the report on who was the head of the investigation against Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro between 2004 and 2011 is expected to be requested by Spanish judge José Manuel Castellan.

“When I was director of military intelligence and counterintelligence in Venezuela, I received many reports that this international funding was taking place. , Gustavo Pedro in Colombia, the five-star movement in Italy and the Podemos in Spain, said the former intelligence chief in the first part of his report released earlier this week.

Carvajal later added: “These are all described as recipients of money sent by the Venezuelan government. The former general testified before Spain’s National Court judge Manuel Garcia-Castellin, according to the country’s OK Diario.

The first letter from Carvajal and before this Spanish judge on October 27, before his extradition to the United States, indicates that the representatives of JXC will be able to sit in Argentina in the following legal cases.

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