Best Female Royalty TV Shows

The idea of ​​royalty is fascinating, but the reality is rarely as interesting as we might imagine. Some of the most popular mid-run series right now center on the fictional lives of real royalty, like Netflix’s The crown or at Hulu Great; to series very different in tone, but with similar topics of interest at their heart.

Put a woman in the center of public attention, and we all know what we will do; give her real political power and influence, and she becomes all the more fascinating from an outside perspective. Before The crown returns with all of its royal ladies, let’s take a look at some of the best shows featuring royal women that you can experience right now.

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The Spanish Princess

Picture via Starz

The Spanish Princess follows Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope) as she travels to England to marry her fiancé, Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie). Her culture shock is compounded when she realizes that Arthur, with whom she thought she shared a romantic correspondence before their wedding day, was not the real author of the letters. Of course, it’s no surprise to history buffs that Arthur died shortly after the wedding, leaving Catherine to secure her position by marrying her younger brother Henry.

The Spanish Princess is the fourth publicized adaptation of Philippa GregoryHistorical romance novels that follow the royal women of England. And as such, these adaptations feel every ounce of the romance novel creations that they are. The series fully embraces the drama and splendor of the source material, creating another entertaining story of a woman’s rise to political power in England.

The white princess

Picture via Starz

The title The white princess refers to Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer), who is promised to marry King Henry Tudor, a man she initially hates. The white princess is a direct sequel to The White Queenwho followed Elizabeth’s mother, also Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson).

Comer is, as always, a star and leads the series in more ways than one. Son Elizabeth is a worthy successor to her mother before her, and also interesting enough to attract new fans. There’s also plenty more politics, costumes, and romance to keep fans of the show happy.

The White Queen

Picture via Starz

The White Queen tells a love story between Elizabeth Woodville and the usurper Edward IV (Max Irons). They marry in secret, against the wishes of Edward’s closest political adviser, Warwick (James Frain). This leads to a falling out between the two which results in an open rebellion led by Warwick against Edward.

The White Queen is the soapy mother and grandmother of The white princess and The Spanish Princess, and in our opinion, it’s the best of the three thanks to the excellent Rebecca Ferguson. Produced by Starz, it shares DNA with the mix of sex, violence, magic, and a certain brand of feminism the network is known for.


Picture via PBS

Victoria follows the ascension to the throne of the young British queen, who would go on to be considered one of England’s greatest monarchs. The first of the 3 seasons of the series mainly focuses on the romance between Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and her longtime love Albert (Tom Hughes). The second season focuses more on the political side of his reign, and the third expands its narrative scope to include plenty of storylines, including parenthood, marriage, politics, and, of course, a bit of romance.

Victoria is sure to please fans of royal dramas and features a talented cast and solid writing. Along with the two Elizabeths, each well-documented subjects of film and television, Victoria is one of England’s most famous queens, and those interested in English royalty shouldn’t miss this series detailing her life and reign.


Picture via Netflix

This one’s for fans of Regency-era romance. It’s also for those who like their royal family more as a backdrop, without all the political intrigue that comes with the other series on this list. Based on Bridgerton novels of Julia Quinn, the series devotes each season to the love and marriage of a brother of the Bridgerton family. What are the results Pride and Prejudice with more sex scenes, and a touch of Gossip Girl in the form of the anonymous Lady Whistledown.

The costumes and actors are gorgeous, and the show makes no effort to pretend this is anything more than a period piece for modern audiences. So where does royalty come from? Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvellisten)) is a delightfully extravagant queen whose main excitement comes from reading gossip columns about her subjects. As a result, she pulls the strings necessary to read a good story and see true love prevail (in that order).



Greata self-proclaimed “sometimes true story”, was written by Tony McNamarawho also produced the screenplay for the critically acclaimed film The favourite. It tells a heavily edited story of Russian Empress Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning). She marries Emperor Peter (Nicolas Hoult), and the two initially despise each other. Catherine launches a coup on her husband, making her Empress of Russia.

The real Catherine and Peter were well documented to have disliked each other, but the series saw their tumultuous relationship become one of eventual respect and love, complicated by their fight against each other for the throne. GreatThe comedy and crude tone make this a unique and highly entertaining watch.

The crown

Picture via Netflix

The crown is the reigning queen of all royalty series. Starting with Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip (Matt Smith), then quickly covering the years preceding the death of King George VI and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy), the first season follows England’s longest-serving monarch in the early years of his reign. The first and second seasons feature the same cast, which is replaced every two seasons by older actors to reflect the aging of the characters.

Seasons 3 and 4 extend the focus to Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) as he prepares to one day succeed his mother as the monarch of England. He meets Diana (Emma Corrin) in season 4, and their troubled marriage and divorce will be the focus of seasons 5 and 6, with Dominique Cooper and Elisabeth Debicki ready to play older versions of Charles and Diana. The crown is impeccably crafted and has won numerous accolades for writing, directing, acting, producing, and costume design. The series set a new standard for royal drama.

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