BLACKPINK star Lisa ‘wasn’t able to sing’ for a long time during ‘difficult’ time with the band – Up News Info

BLACKPINK star Lisa felt like she was “bringing the team down” when she “couldn’t sing” during a tough time.

The dancer and rapper – who is part of the K-pop girl group alongside Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé – has revealed she endured a “difficult” year between 2017 track “As If It’s Your Last” and the 2018 hit “Ddu-du Ddu-“. du’, although she did not explain why.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: “‘I couldn’t sing. When I went to the studio to record, nothing came out.

“I cried. I felt like I was bringing the team down.”

She overcame her struggle with the help of the band’s collaborator and producer, Teddy Park.

She added: “Teddy [would push me hard [in the studio]: ‘You can not ? No. Try harder. Go back there. Thanks to Teddy, I overcame this time.

Meanwhile, the musician singled out Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia as a huge inspiration, and Lisa noted she had more lessons to learn.

She said: “She has her own Spanish culture, it’s inside of her, which influences her music.

“I’m curious to know how far I can develop what I do. Music-wise, dance-wise, I feel like I still have to learn more.

The group as a whole also talked about the pressure of being a K-pop trainee, and although the agency YG Entertainment provided mental health classes and therapy at the time, they did not find them. particularly helpful and instead focused on their relationships. as a band.

Jisoo explained, “We had the same issues, so it was better to talk to each other.”

Last month, YG Entertainment was forced to deny rumors that BLACKPINK was planning a June comeback, with much speculation surrounding their release schedule.

The label said, “BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule has yet to be decided.

“As for the return in June, a lot of people are just speculating that way, but it hasn’t been officially announced.

“However, it is true that we are preparing for a comeback. When a detailed schedule comes out next time, I will tell you the official date.”

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