Chants and lingo to know ahead of Charlotte FC’s inaugural home game at Bank of America Stadium

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — We are less than 24 hours away from game day at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Unlike other sports, fans need to know a few things about football terminology.

It’s not a game – it’s a game of football, people all over the world call it football and the teams are called clubs.

WBTV spoke to fans and Blue Furia, one of the official supporter groups, about things to know for the day tomorrow.

Chants are rehearsed and people pick up Charlotte FC gear with one day until kick-off.

“Pretty exciting man, like the inaugural year, it’s going to be huge here, a lot of people are expected to come out, so I’m excited,” said Charlotte FC fan Jacob Fulper.

“I’m so looking forward to the energy, I’m super pumped, it’s going to be my first hatchback too, so it’s like a first for me in everything,” added Deni Diaz, Charlotte FC Fan.

“This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” said Blue Furia co-founder David Carrasco.

People new to football and MLS should be aware of the following regarding futbol terminology:

“Some of the main ones are obviously right field, we’re used to that term, we call it pitch which is one of the big terms, a jersey, it’s called a kit,” Carrasco said.

Unlike professional sports like the NFL and NBA where fans scream, MLS fans love chants and chants, and more:

“Lots of flags, instruments, chants of energy, passion, it’s all going to come out and that’s what I envision for this first game and that’s what football is really for us,” said Carrasco.

Another must-have in MLS: scarves, it’s a tradition from Europe, it represents the club you support. It’s something you can wear or spin when you get the chance.

“I’m really looking forward to creating a new tradition here in Charlotte now and supporting this team all the way,” Carrasco said.

Blue Furia tells me that there are 18 official chants for Charlotte FC and you can check them out on SoundCloud. A decent amount are in Spanish or have a mix of Spanish and English.

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