Concentrico 08 pop-ups, Logrono

Anonymous competitions are looking for innovative and contextual proposals for a new temporary information pavilion in the Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano (illustrated); for an intervention in the neighboring street Obispo Bustamante; and for a pair of rural facilities in Viña Lanciano, Spain and Quinta do Seixo, Portugal.

The winning teams will design and coordinate the construction of the three winning Garnica plywood concepts in time for the final edition of the annual festival, which runs from September 1-6. Each winner will also receive a first prize of €2,500.

According to the brief: “At the festival we explored squares, passages, courtyards, riverbanks, promenades, parks, parking lots… In 2022, one of the competitions will make a street the protagonist, its relationship with its environment, with the neighbors and citizens who live in the area.

“Concéntrico will be responsible for the production and construction of the winning proposals in coordination with the selected teams, and they will be part of the set of installations that will be carried out in different locations around the city. The jury is extended with representatives of entities such as the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Acción Cultural Española, CSCAE or Sogrape.

Logroño, in northern Spain, is a historic city overlooking the Ebro and is the capital of the wine province of La Rioja. The Logroño International Architecture and Design Festival – also known as Concéntrico – has delivered more than 70 pop-up installations and pavilions to the historic city’s downtown since its inception in 2015.

The latest installment of the festival continues the long-standing tradition of hosting a competition-winning information pavilion in the Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano. It also includes a competition to redesign Obispo Bustamante Street, which includes housing and administrative offices, and a dual competition focused on the wine sites of Viña Lanciano in Spain and Quinta do Seixo in Portugal.

The 2020 competition was looking for concepts for a temporary wooden pavilion in the Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano and two other interventions – located respectively in the Paseo del Espolón square in Logroño and the suburban winery Bodegas LAN Viña Lanciano.

Among the winners was Mexican architect Alejandro Ramírez who proposed a “LAN-4” mirror tower for the Viña Lanciano de Logroño landscape. The 2020 festival was originally scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 3, but was delayed and rescheduled to September 3-6 due to Spain’s Covid-19 lockdown.

London-based architects EBBA won last year’s competition with a proposal for a series of columns for Plaza Santa Ana.

Submissions for each competition must include two A2 size panels containing concept images and a written description in English or Spanish. Concepts will be judged on their viability, buildability and integration with the surrounding context.

The winning teams will each receive a cash prize of €2,500 and have their concepts built by Concéntrico 07 in time for the festival. Winners will receive a manufacturing budget of €8,000 if off-site construction is required.

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The application deadline is 2:00 p.m. local time (GMT+1) on March 11

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