Diego Maradona statue joins list of shoddy football star artwork

As one of the most iconic footballers of all time, it stands to reason that Diego Maradona has seen his likeness captured in statue form more than most.

Unfortunately, the likeness isn’t always particularly favorable and Maradona has suffered his fair share of bad busts and shoddy sculpting over the years,

Indeed, the last entry into the great hall of fame came when a tribute to the great World Cup winning legend was unveiled at the COTIF International Under-20 Tournament held in L’Alcudia, a small town from the province of Valencia, Spain. .

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As part of a wider tribute to Maradona, the statuette was proudly unveiled by Argentine Football Association President Claudio Tapia.

The figurine was designed and created by local Spanish artist Rafa Ferri and was unveiled at Els Arcs Stadium ahead of the COTIF final, which ultimately saw the Argentina Under-20 team beat the U.S. side Valencia academy 2-0 to lift the trophy.

Given the questionable similarities between the lumpy artwork of El Diego and Ferri, social media was quick to have a blast as fans mocked the statue by comparing it to Sylvester Stallone instead. , Bruce Lee and even the infamous botched restoration of the portrait of Jesus (Ecce Homo) by an 80-year-old amateur artist in Borja, Spain in 2012.

Let’s not forget this 12-foot-tall masterpiece in Kolkata, India, which appears to have accidentally used a Bobby Ewing photograph of “Dallas” as a reference, rather than Maradona.

Again, no image of Maradona appears to have been used as source material for this completely generic golden figure in situ at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires.

Maradona, of course, isn’t the only star player to have been transformed into something vastly different from his actual appearance. Some of the biggest stars in the world have also suffered the same fate.

Let’s start with Cristiano Ronaldo, who was unfortunate enough to be the subject of one of the weirdest artistic tributes of all time in football in 2017.

Man City recently unfurled a glitzy statue of Sergio Aguero after his emotional departure from the club, illustrating the striker’s famous exploits on the final day of the 2011-12 season.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of the shimmering blue material used and the faint resemblance to Aguero, it looked like City had given a giant tribute to Captain Planet in the lobby outside the Etihad.

Fellow City hero David Silva also received a similar statue outside the stadium to mark his 10 years at the club, but it pales in comparison to the eerie, arched and slightly withered bronze already on display in his hometown of Las Palmas.

Situated outside an office supply store on an unassuming street corner in the Uruguayan town of Salto, this chunky statue of hometown boy Luis Suarez is all the more fun for being slightly smaller than life.

And the last on this list of statue missteps, Mohamed Salah.

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