Do you like karanji? You will enjoy these look-alikes from around the world

These little treats come from the Greek island of Crete. They can be baked or fried, and the dough is usually unleavened. A sweet variant flavored with cinnamon is known as Kalitsounia me kanella. Toppings include lemon zest and a fresh cow’s milk cheese called mizithra. Available in different forms, these sweets were traditionally part of Easter celebrations.

Quttab/Ghotab of Iran

This Iranian pastry-like confection is filled with almonds or walnuts and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Qottabs are usually fried and flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, rose water and orange blossom. The most popular version is the ghotab from the city of Yazd, famous for its sweets.

Mauritius Potato Cake

It’s no surprise that this Karanji lookalike is also a Diwali delicacy in his home country of Mauritius, where more than 65% of the population is of Indian descent. The coating of potato cake is made from sweet potato, which is why it is also called sweet potato pancake. They are filled with shredded coconut and flavored with spices like cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla.

Latin American Empanadas

Sweet empanadas have a variety of fillings, including fruit and custard

Outside of Spain, these snacks are a staple in Latin American countries and communities, and their influence has now spread throughout the world. Countless versions exist, varying by region and culture. While savory empanadas are quite famous, the dish also lends itself easily to sweet fillings consisting of fruit, coconut, chocolate, custard, guava paste, cheese and more. Vanilla plantain empanadas from El Salvador, manzana empanadas (containing cinnamon-spiced apples) from Chile, dulce de leche empanadas (filled with caramelized milk sauce) are just a few examples.

Mpanatigghi of Sicily

These Sicilian cookies have a surprising ingredient

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