Europe’s highest-grossing players

After a grueling season, transfer window has arrived and we are about to see the money window again, as the squads go from strength to strength for next season. With the 2022 World Cup halfway through this season, we expect a significant investment from clubs and players will also want to position themselves well. Playing time will be very crucial for players who want to attract their national coaches and their places of command at the 2022 World Cup.

For European players, there is an advantage they will have over other players as participating in the ongoing Nations League campaign will keep them in the headlines and give them a chance after probably having difficult seasons in their clubs. This will only work, however, to the extent that their national teams perform well.

French players, for example, are desperate for their Nations League campaign to take off after a poor start. It was expected that the French, who started this competition as champions, would sail easily to the final but after three outings without a win, it is difficult to authoritatively support a sure win prediction today for France on SportyTrader football predictions.

This indeed means a busy off-season is ahead, and as we prepare for talks, sagas and transfers, here we get to sample some of the most profitable to come in recent years in Europe.

Neymar: Brazilian striker Neymar, currently at French giants PSG, remains the most expensive player after his move from Barcelona. He cost PSG £200m as Barcelona acquired him for £79m from Santos. A profit of around £121m makes him not only the most expensive but also the most profitable.

Philippe Coutinho: Proceeds from the sale of Neymar were used to lure fellow Brazilian, Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona from Liverpool. Liverpool, who acquired him from Inter Milan for £10million, then sold him five years later for £120million, making him the second highest-grossing player.

Ousmane Dembele: Still on Barcelona and proceeds from the sale of Neymar, the Catalans were in the market for Frenchman Ousmane Dembele, who eventually joined Borussia Dortmund. While his move from Rennes to Dortmund cost £15m, the German giants moved him to Barcelona after just two seasons, for £105m, making a profit of £95m to place him in the third-highest-grossing player.

Gareth Bale: Another Spanish league player on the most expensive list is Gareth Bale. The Welshman was acquired by Tottenham Hotspur from Southampton for £14.7million in 2007. He was so good that six seasons later Spurs sold him to Real Madrid for £100.8million, reporting £86.1million in profits at the English Premier League club.

Eden Hazard: The Belgium international hasn’t had the best moments at Real Madrid. His time in Spain has so far been plagued by injuries, following a £103.5million move from Chelsea in 2019. Chelsea acquired his services from French side Lille for £31.5 million, so the move to Spain netted them £72 million in profit, making him the fifth-highest-grossing player.

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