Football: Samuel Eto’o owes nearly a million euros to the Spanish tax authorities


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Another line on the Samuel Eto’o charts. But a line whose former star of African football, elected president of the Cameroonian federation on December 11, would have gone well … The former FC Barcelona striker (2004-2009) is indeed on a list of “debtors of public finances”. according to a report released on Monday. The former Madrid or Mallorcan (who also has Spanish nationality) owes nearly a million euros to the Iberian Public Treasury. Precisely 981,598.19 euros …

In November 2016, the Spanish prosecution requested Cameroonian sentences representing a total of ten years in prison and a fine of 18 million euros, accusing the player of not having paid 3.9 million euros taken from his rights to image during his time at FC Barcelona.

Contacted by AFP, the tax authorities were not authorized to give more information, in particular on the origin of the debt, and could not say if Samuel Eto’o appeared for the first time on this list, whose criteria have just changed.

Far from Neymar …

Entitled “list of debtors”, the document brings together thousands of individuals and companies with a “debt greater than 600,000 euros” with the Spanish tax authorities, a threshold revised downwards compared to the old limit of one million. . . The list therefore has more names, with a total of more than 7,200 in 2021 against around 3,400 in 2020. Twitter is also on the list of major debtors with a slate of 800,795.01 euros. The tax administration did not provide further details.

In September 2020, Neymar, the Brazilian star of PSG, had become the worst “bad payer” of the Spanish tax authorities with a debt in the amount of 34,624,268.60 euros. The Public Treasury had not, there either, not specified what this debt corresponded to and if it was linked to his transfer in 2013 to Barça.


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