From Shakira’s boar brawl to Nicki Minaj’s testicle fiasco: the weirdest news stories of 2021 | Media


In a year that began with the attack on the United States Capitol, continued with the fall of Afghanistan, and ended with the rapid spread of Omicron, the news cycle world has at times been overwhelming.

But while 2021 has been another busy year, not all the news has been negative. Here are some of the funniest and weirdest stories and titles released this year.


Sabrina Imbler wrote a perfectly titled New York Times article on moray eels:

Finally, justice for the naturally beautiful and infill-free camels:

The feral pigs were also a sensation, perhaps nostalgic for the dizzying attention of their viral moment in 2019. (They also happen to have a climate impact, we learned this year, equivalent to gas emissions at greenhouse effect of 1.1 million cars.)

The AV Club had fun when they learned that authorities in Puerto Rico were investigating YouTuber Jake Paul for driving on beaches that were turtle nesting areas:

The critically endangered California condor gained attention when a flock of birds made their home in Cinda Mickol’s home over the weekend.

Still on the theme of indifferent beasts: people expressed their class solidarity with the capybaras who infiltrated a rich closed community in Argentina.

Surrealist stories of the pandemic

… including Nicki Minaj, who tweeted that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had to cancel his marriage because he developed swollen testicles after the Covid vaccine – which the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health has then had to waste time investigating and debunking.

Generation wars

The centuries-old tradition of despising the youngest continued healthily in 2021:

Even if sometimes it seemed justified.

Social media

In September, leaked documents suggested Instagram was making body image problems worse for teenage girls. Comments from Instagram boss Adam Mosseri defending the social network backfired:

The following month, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was going to change its name to Meta:

and finally

A Spanish bishop found love but lost his powers.


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