Growth Enablement Metrics, 3 B-Series Keys, Pitch Deck Teardown

In his latest TC+ article, growth expert Jonathan Martinez delves into the grim realities of user acquisition. The fact is that few people motivated enough to go through a registration process create value.

“About 95.87% of iOS users give up after day 30,” Martinez writes. “As a startup founder, how do you avoid leaks after spending significant resources acquiring people at the top of the funnel?”

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To start, product teams need to identify optimal activation metrics that highlight the right users — those who find utility and pleasure in your offerings.

“It could be minutes of platform usage, the number of messages a user sends, the number of people a user follows, the number of times a user customizes their avatar, or anything that provides a signal about how users find value in your product.”

The investors I spoke to recently are always open to good ideas, but when they come from founders who are already working on product-market fit, it builds their confidence.

Small improvements you make by tweaking onboarding processes or refining lifecycle emails could help you close your next round.

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3 Investors Explain Why Earned Wage Access Startups Are Ready to Cash More Checks

hand holding bag of money

Picture credits: Liia Galimzianova (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

Workers in low-paying jobs often have cash flow problems.

Because so many do not have access to credit or savings, a growing number who once depended on predatory lenders can now dip into their wages before payday through Earned Wage Access (EWA) .

“The potential for this model is huge, but the industry is still in its infancy,” reports Karan Bhasin, who interviewed three active EWA investors to learn more about where the industry is headed:

  • Jennifer Ho, Partner, Integra Partners

  • Aris Xenofontos, Partner, Seaya Ventures

  • Aditi Maliwal, Partner, Upfront Ventures

Dear Sophie: Is there a way to continue working in the United States after my J-1 visa expires?

Lone figure at the entrance to the maze hedge which has an American flag in the center

Lone figure at the entrance to the maze hedge which has an American flag in the center

Picture credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophia,

I am a Fulbright scholar on a J-1 visa. I was told that after my J-1 ends, I have to go back to my country for two years.

Is there a way to stay in the United States? Can I apply for an O-1A or green card even if I have to return to my country?

— Trying to stay

Taking Series B Seriously: 3 Documents That Help Founders Control the Narrative

Neapolitan ice cream.  Shallow DOF.

Neapolitan ice cream. Shallow DOF.

Picture credits: david (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

Investors with entrepreneurial experience have unique insights into the fundraising process, so we have two articles from Gaetano Crupi, a partner at venture capital firm Prime Movers Lab.

Crupi has spent the pandemic era backing Series B startups, so he shared an article that looks at how a strategy note, pitch deck, and forecasting model work in tandem to steer potential investors diligently. .

“It’s a great way to control the narrative and make sure what you want to convey is received by other parties.”

Pitch Deck Teardown:’s $9.8 Million Series A Deck

Picture credits: Helu (Opens in a new window)

Helping small and medium-sized businesses with their control, reporting and budgeting might not sound exciting, but Austrian fintech startup’s storytelling skills have excited investors enough to help it raise a Series A of $9.8 million in July.

Except for a few details regarding the unit’s economy and revenue, Helu has shared his entire winning pitch deck with us. As these slides suggest, its founders took a simple approach:

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