Haiti faces rising gas prices after weeks of protests

Speaking on the first anniversary of the formation of his coalition government, Henry said the price hike was part of an attempt to raise funds for public administration.

“We are going to raise the price of gasoline to make sure the government collects enough money to run the country. We cannot continue to subsidize gasoline for people who can pay full price and buy gasoline to resell on the black market. market,” he said.

“The state loses a lot of money and cannot collect enough taxes to run public administration,” Henry added.

According to the Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Haiti, the country saw an increase in the inflation rate of 30.7% in July this year compared to 2021.

Henry also called on Haitians to remain calm and make sacrifices for the country.

“Violence is not the answer, violence will not help us move the country forward. I urge everyone to stay calm and work together to resolve our differences,” Henry said on Sunday.

At least 10 people, including two journalists, were killed during unrest over the weekend in the Cité Soleil district of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Henry, who assumed leadership of the Caribbean nation last year, has struggled to bring the country together for a long-delayed election.

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