Hearing Could Settle Use of Force Experts in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial | Latest news



It remains for Schroeder to decide other motions before the trial. One, of the prosecutors, asks Schroeder to forbid defense lawyers to describe the three men shot by Rittenhouse as rioters, looters or arsonists. Binger maintains that there is no evidence that any of the three engaged in such activities the night they were shot.

Prosecutors also want Schroeder to block any reference to Rosenbaum and Huber’s criminal records.

They also seek to prevent the defense from presenting evidence that the police have offered water to Rittenhouse and other armed citizens, or that they have said to them, “We really appreciate you, we really do.”

Rittenhouse’s attorney, Mark Richards, argued that such testimony is relevant to whether Rittenhouse acted recklessly while being on the streets of Kenosha with a gun that night.

“If the driving was so blatantly dangerous, it seems logical that law enforcement would either have removed the accused from the situation through arrest, or informed him that he had to leave the area because of the of his actions, “Richards wrote in a motion. “They didn’t do either.”

Many Tories have flocked to support Rittenhouse, calling him a patriot and a symbol of gun rights and raising $ 2 million for his bail. Others, including liberals and activists, present him as a national terrorist and say he has made an unstable situation worse.


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