Hispanic Heritage Profile: Olga Romero



Principal Olga Romero is the founding principal of Dallas Hybrid Preparatory at Stephen J. Hay, the first hybrid elementary school in the state of Texas. This new school aims to transform traditional learning, combining in-person and virtual education to create a learning environment that fosters meaningful connections with the local and global community.

To achieve this, Dr Romero brings not only her vast experience – she has been at Dallas ISD for almost 10 years and is in her third year as a Director – but also her background and legacy as a proud Latina and a Doctor. in education.

“By connecting with our communities, I can build communication bridges, be more inclusive with our leadership and [build]support practices. Our communities feel heard and included when you can meet their needs, ”she said. “When students see that you look like them, talk like them and understand their cultural background, they feel like they belong and it strengthens their commitment to their educational future. “

Dr. Romero was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, a country known for its beautiful people, delicious food, exceptional music, but most of all, strong family ties. “We are proud of our heritage and flaunt it whenever we can. Our abuelas [grandmothers]taught us the importance of family, or family, and our values ​​are first and foremost rooted in the community, ”said the director.

In 2008, she moved from Puerto Rico to Dallas, where being bilingual and bicultural has helped her connect with the Hispanic community and other cultures in the metroplex.

“The Spanish language is much more than speaking the same language. It’s about connecting with others about what makes us unique, diverse and yet so similar, ”said Dr Romero. “We share the joy of knowing that being bilingual and bicultural is indeed a privilege.

Dr Romero added that one of the most important characteristics of being Hispanic in America today is that “it doesn’t matter where you come from – El Salvador, Mexico or Puerto Rico – our culture celebrates all of us. like family. We are proud of our heritage; we serve our community con orgullo [with pride]and know that our contributions to this great nation are important.


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