Huntsville City Classic returns after a year of hiatus


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – An annual tradition has returned to the field, featuring teams from across the Tennessee Valley and beyond. The 39th Huntsville City Classic kicked off Monday after spending a year on the sidelines thanks to the pandemic.

Sixteen high school basketball teams attended the tournament hosted by Huntsville High School.

Sparkman, Columbia, Buckhorn, Oxford, Huntsville, Spanish Fort, Hazel Green, Jacksonville, Lee-Huntsville, Madison Academy, James Clemens, Enterprise, Grissom, Bob Jones, Mae Jemison and Anniston.

The event will last a total of three days, from Monday to Wednesday, December 29. After Monday’s games, all winning teams will continue to compete in the main gymnasium at Huntsville High School. All matches played in the losing category will be transferred to an auxiliary gymnasium. The championship match will start at 7:00 p.m.

For more information, you can follow the official website of the event Twitter account here.

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