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HYDERABAD: World electronic dance champion Slate Hemedi, who trained moves under Spanish-born French choreographer Blanca Li, is due to perform with his team at JNTUH on Wednesday as part of the Bonjour India programme. CE speaks to the artist about the modern explosive dance form that requires a heartbeat to get in tune with the rhythms of electronic music.

The perfectly slender artist magically twists his arms into unimaginable postures with technical and musical prowess. “Every detail is important. Some of my moves are over 15 years old now, but they’re evolving,” says Hemedi, who remains fidgety even while sitting, tapping his feet and making hand movements.


“No matter where I look, my mind is constantly absorbed in observing people’s movements, especially their arms and shoulders, I am inspired by every gesture. Some of those gestures are instilled in my dance moves,” added Hemedi, the 33-year-old, who also calls himself crazy.

The dance form originated in the street clubs of Paris, France, when electronic music was taking off around the year 2000. “I am one of the inventors of the French electro-dance genre, which is very technical and visually appealing, it’s cinematic,” he says, showing a music video where the artist is seen performing. The performance looks like moving video at 60 fps, it’s slow and crisp, each movement is fluid but fast. “The heart has to synchronize with the rhythm of the music and electronic music is fast, the body has to align with the different tones.

When performing French electro-dance, the heart rate consistently stays between 128 and 140, which is twice the average heart rate,” the artist added. He added, “The electronic dance genre is all about going with the flow while performing the right moves. Life is also about movement, it flows and we have to take the right steps. Our team is thrilled to excite Hyderabad with the country’s first electronic dance concert, the dancer added.

“ELEKTRIK – with its explosive and flawless movements – will add flavor to this tradition. Over the next decade, interpretations of ELEKTRIK will emerge, each with its signature. The dance form created by Blanca Li will be seen across cultures for some time to come, so audiences will get a glimpse of the future of dance,” said Samuel Berthet, director of Alliance Française Hyderabad, which is organizing the event.

‘ELEKTRIK’, an electronic dance performance by Spanish-born French choreographer Blanca Li is like the dance of the music of time

What: Electronic dance concert
Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium, JNTUH
When: Wednesday, from 7 p.m.
The event is free and open to all

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