! Murcia Today – Administrative delays threaten billions of dollars in renewable energy projects in Spain


Publication date: 11/23/2021

About 50% of projects in Spain risk losing their license in the coming months

By focusing as much as possible on renewable energies such as one of the tools to fight against the climate crisis, the shocking news has emerged that Spain is on the verge of losing investments worth around 40 billion euros simply because the administrative system is overwhelmed.

According to sources in the power sector, some 40,000 MW of wind power currently have permissions to connect to the national grid, but if the situation is not resolved quickly, 50% of them will lose their access between December and April. . In addition, of the 100,000 MW of solar energy with confirmed connection points, 40% risk their licenses expiring in the same period.

The problem arose due to a lack of resources in the administrative department of the central government. Workers have been inundated with renewable energy project proposals, and with the current workforce, it is virtually impossible to meet all permit applications on time, which ends up significantly delaying these renewable energy projects.

Of the 140,000 MW renewable that should have the environmental impact study, some 60,000 MW have not even started the public information process, which is the first step to secure the project. It is very likely that these will now miss vital deadlines and will thus be forced to give up their connection points.

Industry players have suggested extending the deadlines to avoid a huge loss, but the Spanish government may be able to veto it as the deadline has already been changed several times.

In any case, industry sources have insisted that “it is of vital importance to resolve this situation, as the industrial sector is trapped by the inability of the administration”.

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