! Murcia Today – Construction of Las Dunas de Cabo shopping center hits yet another stumbling block

Publication date: 31/10/2022


Cartagena mall developers await crucial certificate to continue development

And it looks like the ‘bureaucracy’ issue will further delay the opening of the mall after months of frustrating delays that delayed the first phase which started in July and is still ongoing. This involves the demolition of the 10,000 m2 basement of the old building and three other abandoned premises.

It appears that the Cartagena City Hall refused to issue the developer, Certain SL, with a “certificate of uselessness” to set up the complex, a document required for the processing of licenses for major works on affected land or properties. by town planning.

Any subdivision, segregation or division of land is subject to municipal authorisation, so the local authority must declare it ‘unnecessary’ for the project to proceed and the developer to proceed. This means that Certain SL has not yet been able to finalize the arrival of new businesses in the future shopping center.

At the end of July, when the first phase of the shopping center finally began, deputy mayor and councilor for town planning, Ana Belén Castejón, told the developers that they would obtain the certificate “within a week”.

This did not happen, and José García of Certain SL said the company instead received “a document in which they denied this authorization”.

“The document was requested in October last year and, by law, the council had three months to respond. In the end, it took 11 months. Now they say no and that’s it, without giving explanation. It’s advice that doesn’t give reasons for its decisions. It’s very complex advice,” added García.

In view of the situation, the promoter has appealed and is still awaiting a response which should take a month. If the answer is not positive, the company intends to file a contentious-administrative appeal to resolve the problem.

The demolition and clearing work is due to be completed within the next month, leaving room for the construction of a large Mercadona which should be completed early next year. The second phase, which is based on the complete renovation of the urbanization and was to start after the summer of 2023, is the one currently in play.

Image: Ayuntamiento de Cartagena

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