! Murcia Today – Gibraltar confirms major oil spill caused by sinking of bulk carrier off Cadiz

Publication date: 01/09/2022

The ship was involved in a huge accident with another boat in the bay of Algeciras off the coast of southern Spain

According to a statement released by the Government of Gibraltar, a quantity of the spill escaped through the perimeter of the carrier’s first containment boom.

A rescue team on board identified the source of the leak in two vents in the ship’s fuel tanks, which had all been previously sealed but loosened after the accident.

Divers deployed to the area were able to restore the seals, and the Gibraltar Ports Authority is “now in the process of stemming the leaking of liquid from these vents”.

Meanwhile, the Authority’s ‘J’ Formation and the Spanish Maritime Rescue Vessel ‘Luz de Mar’ are currently cleaning up the spill on the surface of the water and the plan is to deploy a second boom at sea for the prevent it from spreading further.

Skimmers are deployed on board to begin collecting the spilled oil that remains inside the first boom and a fuel removal barge will “shortly” approach the vessel to begin pumping.

Gibraltar confirms heavy oil spill following the sinking of a bulk carrier off Cadiz

“About 4,000 liters of a mixture of oil and water have already been recovered from inside the boom which sits alongside the ship. Cleanup work is continuing,” HM Govt Gibraltar confirmed at 16 hours on Thursday, September 1.

There was reportedly extensive damage to the starboard side of OS 35, including a gash 10 meters below the waterline. It was carrying 183 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 250 tonnes of diesel and 27 tonnes of lubricating oil, and was leaving Gibraltar heading for Vlissengen in the Netherlands when it clipped the ADAM LNG, which appears to have suffered no damage. significant damage.

The crew aboard OS 35 is unharmed.

Images: Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar

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