! Murcia Today – The adorable video that shows cute baby boars in Murcia jumping into a swimming pool to cool off

Publication date: 05/12/2022

The irresistible video has been shared online of piglets sliding down a natural slide in Murcia

With the sudden rise in temperatures we are all looking for ways to escape the heat, and there are young people in the Region of Murcia who have managed to find the perfect spot for a quick dip… for those who don’t don’t mind a little mud!
Emergency services for the 112 Región de Murcia have shared a video of a mother boar and her nine adorable piglets jumping from a small waterfall into a pool in the Pozas de Somogil in Moratalla, in the northeastern highlands. west of the Spanish region.

Part of their reason for sharing the video was to raise awareness of the presence of these wild animals and to ask hikers and walkers in the area to “watch out for those who already enjoy swimming”.

“Use established paths and avoid unwanted encounters,” they warn, to protect wild boars and other wildlife.

Image: 112 Region of Murcia

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