Opening of “centres of excellence” for international students in New Brunswick

Each Center of Excellence, set up exclusively to help international students at the primary, middle and high school levels, will focus on the areas of entrepreneurship and mental health.

“They will allow students to gain insight into key industries”

“[The students] have the chance to interact with and learn from experts in their field, regardless of their location in the province,” said Canadian Education Minister Dominic Cardy during the announcement.

“They will give students a better understanding of key industries,” he added.

The Entrepreneurship Center will seek to build the financial literacy of participating students, as well as the essential business skills needed to understand the entrepreneurial sphere.

The other center, the “Center of Excellence for Health”, will focus on providing students with classroom activities focused on mindfulness practices, emotion regulation, self-esteem and management. anxiety and stress.

“Our province continues to face workforce challenges, which is why these centers of excellence are essential in preparing students for the many opportunities available to them,” said Trevor Holder, New Brunswick Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor.

The centers will be open to “all international students from all K-12 schools in New Brunswick’s Anglophone school district,” according to a provincial government official.

The centers of excellence are “not yet” accessible to French-speaking students, who also have a school presence in the province. It is unclear whether plans for expansion into French-speaking classes or availability will be announced.

Arlene Dunn, Director of Opportunities New Brunswick, said she was delighted: “Participants will develop skills through [the entrepreneurship] center that they will undoubtedly be able to use for the rest of their lives.

After an encouraging rebound to “near pre-pandemic levels” in immigration last year, the province accepted 40 children as new permanent residents among more than 5,000 people accepted into the province in 2021, doubling the figure of 2020.

The children came to New Brunswick through sponsorship and immigration programs.

“Experiential learning is becoming increasingly important and these centers play a crucial role in the development and engagement of our future workers,” added Holder.

A former Center of Excellence for Energy was launched in April 2021.

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