Pokémon Cards Involved In Huge Counterfeit Bust

Shanghai customs officials have halted a massive operation to move more than 7.5 tonnes of counterfeit Pokémon trading cards to the Netherlands.

Shanghai Pudong Airport Customs Officials Made Huge Bust After Discovering Over 7.6 Tons Of Counterfeit Pokemon collectible cards destined for the Netherlands.

The Twitter account of Yicai Global, a news service of Yicai Media Group based in China, reported that 20 boxes of fake Pokemon cards were on their way to the European country from a company based in China’s Qingdao province. Yicai Global says this is “one of the biggest bogus IP address transfers in years.”

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Video from Yicai Global’s post shows what appears to be a booster box adorned with the Pokémon Charizard, Gardevoir, and Obstagoon. On closer inspection, the text on the reminder box reads “espada e escudo voltaje viveo”, the Spanish translation of Sword and Shield – Vintage Tension. Indeed, we can see “Sword and Shield – Vintage Tension! “printed clearly in English on the back of the box at approximately nine seconds.

Pokemon Sword and Shield РVintage Tension The collection was released in 2020 and is the fourth expansion of the Sword and shield series of the Pok̩mon Trading Card Game. This expansion continues the release of Pok̩mon V and VMAX cards, such as Pikachu V and Orbeetle VMAX. The set also includes the inclusion of the Mythical Pok̩mon Celebi and Zarude, the latter having at least two V card variants. Period voltage The booster box is currently listed at around $ 140 on the Pok̩mon Center website, while Amazon lists the set at $ 180. However, both websites note that the booster is currently out of stock or will be soon. This lack of availability could well be the reason for the great attempt by the counterfeiters to move such a horde of cards.

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it is not the first time Pokemon the cards have grabbed the headlines recently for nefarious reasons. It was previously reported that a man living in Dublin, Georgia was arrested for spending over $ 57,000 for a rare Pokemon card with the help of COVID-19 support funds, which could see the man fined $ 250,000 and jailed for up to 20 years.

Pokemon cards are a precious commodity in the collectibles scene. A Yellow Cheeked Gem Mint Pikachu Card recently sold for over $ 1,000 on Heritage Auctions. Elsewhere, prominent YouTuber Leonhart pulled out a $ 75,000 Shadowless Charizard Card while live streaming the unboxing of an unopened 1999 base set booster box. The Shadowless Charizard Cards are considered one of the most valuable Pokémon cards, with some copies having sold for over $ 100,000 at auction before.

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