Real Madrid U-turn informs Arsenal and Newcastle of star signing chances that would benefit both sides

Marco Asensio, Pau Torres, Spain, August 2022 Credit: Alamy

Real Madrid are reportedly planning a U-turn around Marco Asensio, who tells Arsenal, Newcastle United the fate of their pursuits.

Asensio racked up 247 appearances for Real during his time at the club. Indeed, he has been part of some major triumphs for the Spanish giants.

During his time at Madrid, the striker won three Champions League titles and three Spanish league titles, among other accolades.

Indeed, he has been a successful player for the past six years. However, its role has not been constant throughout this period.

Out of the 167 La Liga appearances he made for Real, Asensio was introduced from the bench in 75. Moreover, the majority of his Champions League appearances have come from the bench.

This season, he has particularly struggled for playing time. Indeed, he has not yet started a match in the league, and has only done so once in the Champions League.

The form of strikers such as Karim Benzema, Vinicius Jr and Federico Valverde led to his role diminishing.

As such, it looks like he’s no longer an asset for Real to keep. Instead, they might see him leave the club and free up space for another player.

The decision of the Asensio contract is made

That being said, it was recently revealed that the Spanish giants not renewing the Spaniard’s contract. Indeed, with his exhaustion at the end of the season, he would be free to move to another club.

It will have made the happiness of people like Arsenal and Newcastle, which have already registered an interest.

Adding a player who has had success in one of Europe’s biggest teams would be a bonus for both of these teams. Moreover, Asensio is still only 26 years old and should have his best years ahead of him.

However, a real U-turn could put a damper on either of those plans. Spanish press briefing Ser Deportivos reports that Real are planning to offer the striker an improved three-year extension.

This is after Asensio turned down his latest offer, which is when Real’s reported decision not to renew his contract was taken.

There’s still time for the move to happen

There is still time for a move to one of the Premier League sides, or elsewhere, to happen. Considering his marginal role, Asensio could decide to leave Real Madrid anyway.

This would, of course, be a bonus for whichever side succeeded in trapping him.

Indeed, Arsenal’s pair of wings, Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, are in excellent form. However, there isn’t much depth behind them in their positions.

Moreover, Arsenal are looking for an additional midfielder. Asensio’s signing could go a long way in solving both of these issues.

The Spaniard also seems the perfect type of player for Newcastle. Their upward trajectory of late has been as clear as day, with the Magpies currently in the Premier League’s top four.

However, they are not able to just pour money on huge players without Financial Fair Play regulations getting in the way.

As such, adding a quality player at no cost would be a great option, and Asensio would be a quality player to add to the best squad they’re slowly putting together.

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