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Date of publication: 12/13/2021

Spanish motorists can reduce the cost of traffic violations in several ways

In this situation, drivers should keep in mind many essential considerations, including the identification of the issuing body, as traffic fines may be imposed by the autonomous community or the city council in which the offense was committed, and the funds must be paid directly to the authority which issued the sanction.

DGT traffic fines

It is really useful to know that the Direction Générale de la Circulation (DGT) offers motorists 20 calendar days from the moment the fine is pronounced to pay, during which time a discount of up to 50% can be applied. .

This can save drivers a significant amount of money, but it carries a significant risk: if a motorist considers the sanction unjustified and chooses to appeal, the right to this reduction is forfeited and the full amount will be due if the call is lost.

DGT fines cannot be spread over a reimbursement period and must always be paid in full.

After these 20 days of the reduced payment option, the ordinary period begins, which lasts up to 45 days after receipt of the fine, and 100% of the fine must be paid.

Once this period has elapsed, the sanction will pass to the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, which will collect it with an increase of 20%.

4 ways to pay a DGT fine at a reduced price

If the driver is still within the 20 day time limit, the fine can be paid in several ways. Electronic fine payment is a commission-free service. However, if the payment is made in a post office, a supplement of 2.25 euros plus 1.5% of the amount of the fine applies.

The person paying is not necessarily the person who committed the offense.

1 in line

Online payment is the fastest and easiest option, but the driver must either have the QR code on the actual fine or know the exact date the sanction was imposed.

On the DGT website, motorists must enter the amount of the fine (excluding 50% deduction) and their contact details will be displayed.

2. By phone

Drivers can pay their fines by credit or debit card by calling 060, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Abroad, the payment line can be reached on +34 902 887 060.

3. Via the miDGT application, the DGT mobile or tablet application

Drivers can download any of the above platforms, which are free for Android and iOS users, and pay their fines quickly.

To pay a fine from the app, drivers must go to the app’s main menu and enter the ‘My fines’ -> ‘Pending’ section.

4. In person

In Caixabank branches and distributors: Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 2 pm, by card or cash.

In any post office, by card or in cash, paying a supplement of 2.25 euros plus 1.5% of the amount of the fine.

At any head office or traffic office, by credit or debit card. Remember that DGT does not accept cash payments at its offices.

Finally, motorists stopped by Guardia Civil agents are only allowed to pay the fine on the spot only by debit or credit card if they wish to take advantage of the 50% reduction.

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