State Horse now official, signed by Governor Stitt

A new state symbol was enacted on the steps of the state capitol on Wednesday.

The American Quarter Horse is now the official horse of Oklahoma.

The horse joins a group of other status symbols.

“Of course the scissortail is the state bird… the buffalo is the state mammal. White-tailed deer are the state’s big game. The wild turkey is actually the state bird, the game bird. The pink rock is the rock of the state,” said Sen. Blake Stephens, (R-Tahlequah) who drafted the bill.

The process took several years.

“Oklahoma is the show horse capital of the world,” Stephens said. “All Oklahoma State Breeds want their breeds to be named the State Horse. This is where this is a controversial bill. This is where it is very difficult. It took a long time, a lot of work. »

There is a rich history behind the American Quarter Horse.

“The Colonial Spanish Horse was brought to America in the 1500s by the Spanish Conquistadors. They were pure Spanish Mustangs, a relatively small but tough breed of horse,” reads in part in the US Bill 3261. State. “After the introduction of these horses to Native American tribes, horses became essential to the tribes…”

More than a symbol, the American Quarter Horse represents Oklahoma’s multi-billion dollar industry and a way of life.

“These horses symbolize rural Oklahoma, but you know what, everyone loves a horse,” Senator Stephens said.

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