The former Spanish sugar mill will change ownership

PLACE WITH A PAST – With the old Spanish sugar mill in the background, water from the spring rushes over the spillway at DeLeon Springs State Park. PHOTO COURTESY OF AMY MUNIZZI

The longtime operator of the former Spanish sugar mill in DeLeon Springs State Park, Schwarze Enterprises, has been outbid by a competitor for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s deal to provide services to visitors – including kayak rentals, a gift shop and the operation of the beloved Old Spanish Sugar Mill — The tag confirmed on August 8.

The winning bid was made by Guest Services Inc.

In a statement, the current owners said: “After 61 years, the former Spanish sugar factory will close its landing doors.

Under the new agreement, the new owners, Guest Services Inc., are required to provide the same “one-of-a-kind building dining experience.”

Schwarze Enterprises will stop operating the restaurant on September 12.

“We sincerely thank you for making us your ‘go-to’ when you have company or crave chocolate chip pancakes. Thank you again for sharing memories with us. The Sugar Mill was without a doubt the coolest breakfast restaurant in America,” the company said in a statement.

The contract with Schwarze Entreprises began in 1961 and was renewed every 5 years.

Information about the process can be found here:

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