The supermarket celebrates the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos by offering traditional treats, exhibits



LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It is a Latin tradition celebrating family ties and honoring the heritage of ancestors.

The tradition is called “Dia De Los Muertos” in Spanish, or “Day of the Dead” in English.

Usually, the celebration takes place over a two-day period, at the beginning of November.

November 1 is the day for remembering children and infants who have passed away, followed by November 2 when adults who have died are remembered and honored.

This year, a local supermarket is celebrating the holiday with a traditional delicacy, the “Pan de Muerto” or bread of the dead.

The La Bonita supermarket offers the traditional candy decorated with colored sugar and is one of the many items used to build the traditional ‘altar’ or shrine.

Each La Bonita location across the Las Vegas Valley will have a different sanctuary created by their employees to inspire and educate the community about the holidays and how they are celebrated.

Julian Escutia, the Mexican Consul in Las Vegas, highlights this unique tradition.

“We celebrate our Spanish and indigenous traditions and bring them together in these sanctuaries where we project our culture, our flavors and we invite everyone to enjoy them,” said Escutia.


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