Website and phone line now available in Malaga province for people who want to help Ukrainians

These can be used to offer money, jobs, Spanish lessons, logistical assistance, vehicles for humanitarian aid, etc.

SUR.ES Malaga

Maydan Malaga, the Association of Ukraine on the Costa del Sol, and the Consulate of Ukraine in Malaga organized a website and a telephone line (690 156 430) to coordinate offers of assistance to the Ukrainian people. The program has the support of the Provincial Council of Malaga, the Junta de Andalucía and the City Hall of Malaga.

The plan is to channel the solidarity of Malaga residents with Ukrainians fleeing war in their country and those who were in Malaga when Russia invaded Ukraine and were unable to return home.

Meeting to discuss ways to help the Ukrainian people. /


The website was created specifically for this purpose thanks to the collaboration of Women in Málaga Tech Park, and it contains a series of forms to fill out, depending on what people want to offer. One, for example, is aimed at those willing to temporarily house refugees and asks for details of the type of property they offer and how long they will be available.

Other options are to offer means of transport (cars or trucks) and drivers to collaborate with humanitarian aid, translation and interpretation for refugees here, giving Spanish lessons and voluntary work .

Employers can also offer jobs to Ukrainian citizens through this helpline.

The phone number – again, it’s 690 156 430 – is managed by a team of volunteers from the Maydan association.

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