Why Kate Middleton didn’t wear a scarf at the Spanish state banquet



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the Duchess of Cambridge looked spectacular when she went out for the Spanish state banquet of the queen at Buckingham Palace this week. The 35-year-old chose a gorgeous powder pink Marchesa dress, with a plunging neckline for the special occasion, which she paired with a diamond and ruby ​​necklace was loaned to him by the Queen, a pair of pearl earrings and the dazzling Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara. But royal watchers noticed a big difference between Kate and the rest of the royal family – she was the only one not wearing a belt.


Duchess Kate was the only member of the royal family not to wear a sash at the state banquet

The scarves, called “orders”, are given by the Queen to her relatives as a token of thanks for their service to the family. The monarch’s cousins, children and in-laws are all recipients of various orders – just like other royal wives, Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex. Each order is represented with a different sash, with varying colors and widths, and they are only used on formal occasions, such as a state banquet.

But why hasn’t Kate received one? According to People, the answer is probably due to the short time she spent as a royal. Kate has only been in the family for six years, and as a daughter-in-law she is not as closely related to the Queen as Camilla and Sophie. Another reason could be royal engagements. While Kate has recently increased her public appearances, she still lags behind other royals – in part because she has two young children at home to care for. In 2016, Kate made 140 commitments; Sophie, meanwhile, attended 179 events and Camilla went out for 221 events.


The belts, called “orders”, are awarded by the queen

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Royal brides are typically awarded the Royal Victorian Order or the Order of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II, and may accumulate additional orders over time. Camilla was awarded the Order of the Royal Family from Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, two years after her marriage to prince charles, and she was awarded the Royal Victorian Order in 2012. Sophie received her first order – also the Order of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II – in 2004, five years after her marriage to Prince edward. She received the Royal Victorian Order in 2010, more than ten years after her marriage.


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